We want you to love your clothes for a long time to come. Choosing long lasting-fabrics made from quality fibres is where we start.

We do our best to choose the most sustainable options for each of our styles. And let us tell you, it can be a challenging process!

With any fabric, you have to be careful of where your raw materials are coming from and how they are processed. Even with the most sustainable of fibres, many producers will use a chemical heavy process that nearly negates the environmental benefits of the fibre in the first place. It is a big struggle in the textile industry to find the best sources, get the most transparent information, and still be using fabrics that are best for our styles.

We source our fabrics from a few different North American based suppliers. Both offer eco-friendly options that are sourced and produced internationally. We have struggled to find Canadian, or even North American knitting mills. As far as we can tell, they mostly don’t exist. All we can do is trust that we are making the best decisions with the options we have, and always keep moving forward with our research.

Below are the types of fabrics we use to produce our garments

Tencel is a branded version of the fiber Lyocell, which is a type of Rayon made from regenerated cellulose fibers obtained from the bark, wood, or leaves of plants. Lyocell is the only fully closed loop cellulose fibre on the market. Meaning no water or chemicals from it's production is released into the environment and is instead redistributed into the next production cycle. Made from a naturally occurring raw material, Tecel is an Eco-friendly, vegan option that can be substituted for many more labour-intensive fabrics, like silk, suede, and even leather.

It is an extremely durable fiber, can be washed or dry cleaned, and is biodegradable. It has also been certified by its manufacturer, Lenzing, as biodegradable in seawater! The pulp for the Tencel we use is sourced from managed Eucalyptus groves in Austria, Australia, America and China.

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A strong fibre, made from a natural plant that regenerates and grows amazingly quickly (the fastest on Earth!) with few resources and generates biodegradable products. In fabrics, bamboo fibres create a type of rayon that is soft and durable, and breathes nicely. When grown sustainably, bamboo’s footprint is low, as it doesn’t require pesticides, and actually produces 35% more oxygen than hardwood trees.

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Cotton is the most well-known, widely used natural fibre. It is durable, soft, and comfortable in all kinds of weather. When grown organically, it is done without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Crop rotation, composting, and other natural growing techniques are employed to ensure soil health and pest resistance. Crops must be certified by an external body to guarantee they are being grown according to organic standards.

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Produced from the flax plant, which requires less irrigation and chemical inputs than standard cotton plants (organic production is always best). It is a very strong fibre that creates light, breathable garments well suited to hot weather. A linen garment will change with you, as it softens with time and wear. And when it's lived it's full life, it's biodegradable.

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Hemp comes from a remarkable plant. It grows quickly with little water, does well in most climates, and doesn’t require pesticides to protect it. It leaves soil in such good health, it is sometimes used as a rotation crop. The resulting fibres are strong, creating long-lasting cloth that softens the more you wash it. Hemp fabric is very versatile, and sustainable.

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