ARIELLE MOORE | The Artist, The Student, The Weaver

May | 10 | 2019

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" This question seems to be one of the most asked by adults to youth, even though, we remember that many of us didn't know the answer to that question until decades later! (Or still don't?) When you ask little people what they want to be these days, we are hoping that the answers are starting to get a lot more open ended, and free. Answers like "I want to be creative" or "I want to run my own business" sound like much more exciting answers than just picking one career you don't... Read more

MATERIAL WORLD | Plastic vs. Glass. vs. Aluminum

April | 26 | 2019

  Always having a reuseable option on hand. Saying no to extra packaging. Shopping in bulk. There are many small ways we can reduce the number of containers we purchase, an important step in reducing the demand our society has developed for single-use items. However, sometimes we do need an item or two that requires bringing home a container that we won't re-use in our home forever. What we have been wondering, is when presented with the option to choose between plastic, aluminum, and glass, what is the best choice? (This comes up most often with food storage) Turns out "best"... Read more

CONFIDENCE | The Clothing Connection

April | 11 | 2019

Our Founder and Designer Jessica has had fourteen years of highs and lows, of pushing, grinding, and learning what it means to balance one’s life around a goal and a passion. In that time, she has pursued creating several different brands, and watched the fashion industry shift and change. She has found it an empowering industry to be a part of, especially since she has landed with SALT, a company she pours her most personal values into, from the product she creates to the way she manages her staff. She has found, that the shifts she has experienced in her businesses have often... Read more

FREE DIVING | Connecting Below The Surface

March | 29 | 2019

When you want to connect with the forest, you walk in it. When you want to connect with the dirt, you dig in it. When you want to connect with the water, you swim in it.  These are the basic options, but what about going deeper? Experiencing the ocean can be done in many ways, above and below the surface. Free Divers may have connecting below figured out better than anyone. The quiet, the calm, the marine life - they get to have it all. The ocean is still relatively unknown to us. Where else do you get the privilege... Read more

WORLD WATER DAY | Safe Water For All

March | 22 | 2019

 Nothing can live without water. That is what makes our planet so special (and lush!). We have magnificent glaciers, quick running rivers, swimmable lakes, and an ocean, our beautiful, mysterious ocean, that brings so much joy to so many, and provides a home to thousands of species.  The saddening thing, is that the distribution of clean drinking water is grossly out of proportion globally. Partly, that is due to a lack of sources in hotter places. Another big piece of the puzzle is that the infrastructure just isn't there. According to the United Nations, "3 in 10 people lack access... Read more

MENSWEAR | What You Want It To Be

March | 08 | 2019

We know that we have a few more styles for our ladies than we do for our gentlemen. Well guys, this one is for you. We want to highlight what we bring to the table for you, and say a big thank you to the guys out there rocking our gear and representing what we stand for. We want everyone walking out our doors to feel good in the clothing they are wearing. To feel comfortable, confident, and good about where they are spending their dollars. We have found that if you ask most men what their top priority in... Read more

PLASTIC PRODUCTION | Making Plastics Greener: Regulation or Choice

March | 01 | 2019

By now, most of us are aware that plastics are an environmental hot button issue. We are seeing progress in our areas to ban single use items like plastic bags and straws, which we are super jazzed about. We encourage everyone to use less plastic where they can, consume less, and in general decrease demand for plastic items that could be made out of an alternate, more sustainable material. And we genuinely hope this makes a difference for the planet.  We have to imagine though, that these shifts create a ripple effect for the people on the other end of... Read more

WESTERLY | Rain, Rain Here to Stay

February | 22 | 2019

One thing you can count on if you spend time on the Pacific West Coast, is at some point you are bound to end up outside, soaking wet. It's inevitable. Considering we live in a rain forest beside the ocean, this shouldn't come as a surprise - water is built right in. We have rain falling from the skies, waves rolling in from the seas, and streams trickling down from our mountain tops. We are lucky to so often have an abundance of this life giving liquid. In our neck of the woods, it grows us some of the tallest trees in the... Read more

CURATOR VS CONSUMER | Curate the life you want to live

February | 15 | 2019

"Think of yourself as a curator rather than a consumer.” - Christine Koh This statement could be taken in so many directions. We're not even sure what the woman who uttered it meant for us to take from it. It did get us thinking though.  In a world where populations and temperatures are rising, for those of us thinking about what we can do to keep this planet breathing, you could say that the word Consumer has taken on a "dirty" connotation. If you look into early definitions of the word, it was used to describe "one who squanders or wastes." This noun comes of course... Read more

THYSELF | Loving You

February | 08 | 2019

When was the last time you made a date with yourself? Actually put it in your calendar and made time with yourself a priority? We often make plans with other people, but we can easily let slip spending time with ourselves, or at least time on ourselves. It might seem a little odd at first, but scheduling in time to take care of yourself can be necessary if we live the kind of lives that fill up quickly. Sound familiar? Love is in the air - spread some of that sugar on yourself. Listen to yourself. If you need to turn off your... Read more

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