Westerly Goods

Drifter Umbrella | Lichen


Be prepared anytime with this light-weight, packable umbrella. The Drifter umbrella was built to travel and explore your surroundings without weighing you down. The design features a unique push-pull lock system that will keep your fingers happy, opening and closing with ease. 

  • Material  |  Wood Handle, Metal Frame, Nylon, Snap Closure
  • Size  | Packed-up L 10.5" | Open L 23.5" | Open Diameter 38.5"
  • Care  |  Leave open to dry after use.
  • Made in Shenzhen

Why We Chose Them  |  Westerly hails from the Pacific West Coast, where we imagine anyone could find inspiration to create a reliable umbrella. They produce durable, stylish umbrellas in multiple sizes so we never get rained out. We love that they design with longevity in mind and strive to bring us umbrellas that won’t crumple and end up in the garbage after a few uses - they want their products to last. They celebrate the rain, and value our great outdoors.

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